The Multiphase Matters group interacts with collaborators all over the world. However, we also have many good neigbors. PhD/MSc/BSc Thesis projects are for example often done in collaboration with other Wageningen University colleagues, from different departments: FPH (Elke Scholten, Leonard Sagis), BNT (Vittorio Saggiomo), BIP (Camilla Terenzi, John van Duynhoven, Henk van As), ORC (Maarten Smulders, Han Zuilhof), EZO (Johan van Leeuwen, Guillermo Amador), ANU (Sonja de Vries, Guido Bosch) and FPE (Karin Schroen).

Our other collaborators can be found in (random order) Amsterdam, Leiden, Eindhoven, Groningen, Enschede, Delft but also in Taipei, Boston, New Haven, Raleigh, Chicago, Vienna, Linz, Zuerich, Compiegne, New Jersey, Montpellier, Durham, Pamplona, Budapest, Grenoble, Magdeburg, Monterey, Shanghai, Paris and probably a few other places.

We also happily provide connections for internships. Former students have enjoyed such opportunities at Teijin and Bel Cheese. More opportunities can be found through the numerous connections we have to private sector partners. See below for an incomplete overview.

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